Hello Internet,

At Greenmed, we aim to bring customers a simple but powerful cloud-based solution for managing their dispensary.

This month we finalized a partnership that will blow away anything else available on the market in terms of software for the cannabis industry.

We have recently partnered with a major player in the cannabis industry, Viridian Sciences an SAP business solutions partner. The partnership effectively allows us to offer to our new customers, and current clients, a full seed-to-sale solution that is unprecedented.

SAP is a business solution provider for Fortune 500 companies across the globe, and have been automating business processes for over 30 years.

We are very pleased to have a powerhouse like Viridian Sciences behind GreenMed, and to offer this service to our clients.


Q: What does this mean for Greenmed clients?

A: This will mean we now have access to a robust, centralized SaaS product for dispensaries that fits the need for a complete end-to-end solution.

Q: What is Viridian Sciences?

A: Viridian Sciences is an SAP business partner for small and medium sized enterprise with a full, centralized business suite designed to help business owners take control of every aspect their dispensary.

Q: Does this increase my monthly cost for GreenMed?

A: Absolutely not. This will not increase our monthly charge for the GreenMed SaaS service.


Our new partnership will allow GreenMed to offer an additional enterprise level solution for dispensaries needing that next level in business management software.

Please contact us directly for more information or go to Viridian Sciences to discover how we can help you take your dispensary through its next growth phase.